David McKoskey: Professional

About Me

I have been a professional software engineer in the Twin Cities metropolitan area since 1995. I have also served as an adjunct professor of Computer Science at St. Catherine University in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and Physics since 2010 and in the Master of Library and Information Science program since 2012. If you would like, you may view my academic CV or my professional resume.


My professional expertise is mainly in full-stack development, with an emphasis in databases. The two databases I know best are Oracle and MySQL, though I have worked with (IBM Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server) extensively in the past. My favorite Oracle resources include their online documentation, an Oracle FAQ, and its accompanying Tuning Guide. MySQL documentation is best viewed at its home page is a nice tool for designing schema in Oracle or MySQL DDL syntax. Due to the sale of Mysql to the Oracle corporation, I expect I will switch to the MariDB RDBMS sometime in the near future.

I have expertise in the Perl programming language, though lately, I've worked much more with PHP and JavaScript. I am also an avid UNIX and Linux user. I especialy use the Bash Shell and the AWK programming language. At home, I prefer the Ubuntu Linux distribution.