David McKoskey: Research


Author(s) Title Publisher Year
David McKoskey A Comparison of Two Techniques for Resolving Demonstrative Anaphora M.A. Program in Linguistics at the University of Minnesota 2007 PS PDF
Shana Watters et. al. Using Volunteers to Annotate Biomedical Corpora for Anaphora Resolution AAAI Spring Symposium: Knowledge Collection from Volunteer Contributors (KCVC) 2005 PS PDF
David McKoskey and Daniel Boley Error Analysis of Automatic Speech Recognition Using Principle Direction Divisive Partitioning Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML) 2000 PS PDF
David McKoskey and John Buri Differences in Sex Role Identification Between Catholic Male College Seminarians and Male College Students Proceedings of the 24th National Conference of Undergraduate Research 1992 PS PDF

The above list is also available as a BibTeX file, viewable in PDF form.


My professional memberships include the ACM, the LSA, and Mensa.